#Cristiano #Ronaldo: #Portuguese outscores #Messi every year on international duty since 2015... READ MORE: https://bit.ly/33dfzZY

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 99th international career goal with his goal against Luxembourg -
#Cristiano #Ronaldo: #Portuguese outscores #Messi every year on international duty since 2015
#Cristiano #Ronaldo: #Portuguese outscores #Messi every year on international duty since 2015

The 34-year-old also helped Portugal reach Euro 2020 championship with the victory -
Ronaldo has been a better scorer at the national team level as compared to Lionel Messi.
Cristiano Ronaldo was on target once again for Portugal in their 2-0 win over Luxembourg in Sunday's Euro 2020 qualifier.
The 34-year-old tapped in from close range to increase his international goal tally to 99 while helping the defending champions qualify for next year's edition of the competition.
Although, he missed out on hitting a century of goals at the national team level having failed to score another goal before the game wrapped up.
Meanwhile, the forward needs ten more goals to equal Ali Daei of Iran's long-standing record of 109 goals at the international level.
This, however, means that the former Real Madrid and Manchester United star has an edge over his bitter rival Lionel Messi at the national team level according to Give Me Sport.The Barcelona forward has 69 goals at the moment, 30 behind Ronaldo, and the Juve forward is not looking like he will stop anytime soon. Ronaldo has also won two trophies at the senior level - Euro championship in 2016 and the maiden edition of the UEFA Nations League title.

Messi tried again this year to win an international trophy when Argentina featured in the 2019 Copa America championship but was only able to win bronze at the end of the tourney. Although, the Argentine has two years catching up to do, only if injury does not stop him from giving his best.
With stats from Transfermarkt, Give Me Sport broke down their goal ratio per year since 2005 when they started making waves.
2005: Cristiano Ronaldo 2-0 Lionel Messi
2006: Cristiano Ronaldo 6-2 Lionel Messi
2007: Cristiano Ronaldo 5-6 Lionel Messi
2008: Cristiano Ronaldo 1-2 Lionel Messi
2009: Cristiano Ronaldo 1-3 Lionel Messi
2010: Cristiano Ronaldo 3-2 Lionel Messi
2011: Cristiano Ronaldo 7-4 Lionel Messi
2012: Cristiano Ronaldo 5-12 Lionel Messi
2013: Cristiano Ronaldo 10-6 Lionel Messi
2014: Cristiano Ronaldo 5-8 Lionel Messi
2015: Cristiano Ronaldo 5-4 Lionel Messi
2016: Cristiano Ronaldo 13-8 Lionel Messi
2017: Cristiano Ronaldo 11-4 Lionel Messi
2018: Cristiano Ronaldo 6-4 Lionel Messi
2019: Cristiano Ronaldo 14-4 Lionel Messi

#Cristiano #Ronaldo: #Portuguese outscores #Messi every year on international duty since 2015
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